The NOVURANIA Flexographic Novaflex Plate has been specifically developed for direct laser engraving (DE plates), this technology allows for total CTP production, eliminating the need for
solvent disposal.

The digital technology allows for greater control on dot angles as well as controlling the depth of the non printing area, allowing better definition on the screens that result in much longer print
runs between cleaning.

The various rubber compounds have been designed for clean removal of waste with practically no residue remaining using a variety of lasers types.

A big development effort has been put in the sensitivity of the compound to the laser beam. The very high sentisity obtained, allows quicker ablation and lower energy consumption for the
preparation of the plate.

Currently the Novaflex Plate is available with EPDM, SBR or NBR compound. The different compounds allows for better chemical resistance with different types of ink for much better ink

The EPDM compound is available in a variety of shore hardness’s to optimize print result on different substrates.

The plate is available in 3 standard gauges (1,14-1,70 and 2,84 mm) although other gauges can be produced on request.

The construction of the plate can be plastic backed (PB) to allow better adhesion of double sided adhesive tape or rubber backed (RB) for a smoother finish.


- Burns cleanly with any type of laser

- Fumes are non toxic, non etching and non corrosive

- Leaves practically no ash or residue (it can be cleaned with compressed air after engraving)

- High definition possible (over 100 lines per cm)

- Works with almost any ink and solvent due to the variety of compounds available

- Extremely long runs (up to 10 times longer that with typical photo polymeric plates)

- Lower percentage screens possible

- Better dot quality and ink transfer

- Higher sensitivity reduces engraving time and energy

- Can be used for printing of coating

Typical technical data

  Novaflex ERB EPB
Available gauge 1,14 -1,70 - 2,84 mm 1,14 – 1,70 - 2,84 mm
Standard surface color Black Black
Tensile strength > 900N/50mm > 1500N/50mm
Hardness 70 78
Microhardness 17mJ /on the 5th compression cycle 12mJ /on the 5th compression cycle
Surface roughness 0,6 - 0,8μm Ra 0,8 - 1,0μm Ra
in a typilal blanket wash < 5% < 5%
in a typilal blanket rejuvenator < 0, 5% < 0, 5%
in Mek 10% 10%
NTR 150 UV Compressible Blanket

The NTR150 is a dedicated UV blanket, built with a harder face on a softer carcass, represents the latest in rubber surface technology for unsurpassed performance with UV inks.

This newly developed polymer surface resists the swelling and embossing that are common with UV. In conjunction with the new surface the NTR150 has a special surface grind enhancing release and minimizing UV solvent and ink penetrating the face which is one of the biggest causes of swelling. For the printer this means less blanket changes, and thus higher press productivity.

The NTR150 also delivers clean sharp and consistent dots for excellent print quality as well as dense and rich solids.

The NTR 150 has a totally new construction, which makes it particularly suitable for use in plastic printing and metal decorating.

The NTR 150 can also be ordered as STRIP 150, in which case it can be utilized as a stripping blanket for Spot coating applications with UV coatings.


- No sinking on press

- Excellent smash resistance

- Excellent rebound/recovery characteristics

- Low compression set

- Dense solid coverage

- High contrast values

- Better sheet release

- Reduced paper dust piling

- Reduced plate wear

- Increased longevity and run life

- No swelling

Available gauge 1,95 mm
Standard surface colour Salmon Pink

Typical technical data

Tensile strength > 2000 N/50 mm
Elongation 1,2 % (10 N/mm load)
Hardness 64 Shore A
Microhardness 57 Shore A
Hysteresis (Compressibility) 45mJ (on the 5th compression cycle)
Surface roughness 1,0 - 1,2 μm Ra
in a typical blanket wash < 5 %
in a typical blanket rejuvenator < 0,5 %
in MEK 5%
NTR 137 Cold Foil Blanket

The Novurania NTR 137 was developed for cold foil printing. The hybrid surface compound allows excellent results in all cold foil applications.

The blanket’s high density, low stretch carcass maintains gauge better than most available blankets. Designed for special effect printing, The NTR 137 was developed for high quality packaging, advertising and illustration printing.

This blanket is perfect for cold foil printing. The special surface compound allows excellent results in cold foil applications. It is one of very few blankets on the market that has been specially developed for cold foil applications.

Excellent results can easily be achieved thanks to the high release characteristics of the special top layer. The treated surface also guarantees high scratch & rub resistance. The NTR 137 is an incredibly durable blanket, designed to give exceptional results over and over again.

The NTR137 incorporates the latest closed cell compressible layer, the NOVURANIA “Sinkless Technology”, and a carefully chosen blend of compound ingredients and polymers for the lithographic printing surface. This features an excellent compression set and rebound characteristics.


- Good smash resistance

- Excellent rebound / recovery characteristics

- Low compression set

- Very high release

- Increased longevity and run life

- High scratch and rub resistance

Available gauge 1,95 mm
Standard surface colour Yellow

Typical technical data

Tensile strength > 2000 N/50 mm
Elongation 1,20 % ( 10 N/mm load)
Hardness 68 Shore A
Microhardness 80 Shore A
Hysteresis (Compressibility) 60 mJ (on the 5th compression
Surface roughness 1,0 - 1,3 μm Ra
Contact Angle 125°