Film chemicals

Certain areas of application still require the use of conventional film for the production of printing plates. Please contact us for those film chemicals.

Film Developer RA 551 Unit
concentrate 1:3 for all Rapid-Access films 10 l
Film Fixer 331  
concentrate 1:3 suitable for all films 10 l
Film Cleaner  
liquid cleaner for films and foils with antistatic effect 10 x 1 l

Printing plate chemicals

HANNS EGGEN has accumulated decades of know-how in the production of printing plate chemicals. These agents have become established in everyday practise in recent years.

Fountain solution additives

Fountain solution additives of HANNS EGGEN have set standards for process reliability in offset printing with modern highly productive sheet-fed and web offset presses in recent years. In particular, they help reduce the isopropyl alcohol used in fountain solution or even allow IPA-free printing. Our fountain solution  provide quick clearing of printing plates, fast and stable ink-/water balance at low water flow and are optimised for protection of plates and reduction of microbial contamination of the system.

•Sheetfed offset    •Web offset heatset   •Web offset coldset    •Hardening agents

UV cleaners

Eggolan UM 68101 Unit
cleaner for UV and dual-purpose application, not suitable for pure UV printing with EPDM. FOGRA-approval for Heidelberger and manroland printing presses.
Flash point: 63°C
20 l, 200 l, 1000 l
Eggolan UM 60188  
cleaner for pure UV printing with EPDM and dual-purpose rollers.
Flash point: 62°C
20 l, 200 l, 1000 l
Eggolan U 75111  
cleaner for pure UV printing with EPDM.
Flash point: 75°C
20 l, 200 l, 1000 l

UV cleaners

Eggo Blue Clean Unit
special cleaner for dampening and dosing rollers.
Flash point: > 63°C
10 x 1 l, 5 l
Eggo Green Clean  
low-VOC special cleaner for dampening and dosing rollers. Particularly tested and approved for LotoTec® dampening rollers.
Flash point: > 63°C
10 x 1 l, 5 l
cleaning paste for ink rollers, for deep cleaning and quick ink change 8 x 950 g box
Antilime fo inking rollers  
removes calcium deposits from the inking rollers. Prevents blind running of inking rollers, improves ink-/ water-balance. 10 x 1 l


Low odour water-based coatings from EGGEN are providing an optimum of protection and finishing to your print-products, thus allows a faster and saver processing from print to post-print. Eggen coatings give your printed product a brilliant gloss or high mat effect.

You have special requirements? We supply customized formulations and, besides to the standard viscosity of 40 seconds/20° C (flow time DIN 53221, 4 mm cup), we offer various viscosities on demand.

With Eggen UV-coatings you achieve highest gloss-grades and safe production. Available for Anilox-systems and in a high-viscosity version for the inking-unit of your printing press.

A variety of our coatings has the food-confirmation (by FDA regulations).

We offer a wide product range:

  • gloss- und and high gloss coatings
  • semimatt- und matt coatings
  • neutral varnishes
  • primer & protection varnish
  • softtouch varnishes
  • varnish for playing cards
  • UV-coatings matt and glossy